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Five Sport-Touring Upgrades for the Suzuki Hayabusa

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Most Hayabusa aficionados don’t know that Suzuki had not originally intended for the ‘Busa to dominate at the drag strip, and in no way did the conservative Japanese manufacturer expect the aftermarket to start transforming the Hayabusa into the bike-show masterpieces that you see today. In fact, Suzuki’s original goal was to build nothing more than a bike that consumers could rack up the miles on—quickly, of course. As such, it’s not uncommon to see aftermarket companies manufacturing sport-touring-esque parts. Nor is it uncommon to run into the occasional ‘Busa owner who puts upwards of 1000 miles on their bike in a single ride (sure there are better sport-touring options out there, but none that ignite your senses the way the GSX1300R does when you roll the throttle on). Point in mind, we’ve put together a short list of aftermarket products intended for the ‘Busa that play to its long-distance- riding strengths.

Well-recognized seat manufacturer, Corbin, builds its replacement saddles around genuine-leather-wrapped high-density Comfort Cell foam that’s intended to distribute your body weight more evenly across your derriere and eliminate pressure points. Said foam mounts directly to a Fibertech basepan that’ll mount nicely to the Hayabusa via rubber bumpers at the stock mounting positions. A rear saddle is available as well, and retails for $189. MSRP: $259
(800) 538-7035

The Hayabusa’s rider triangle is characterized by a tight footpeg-to-seat gap and long reach to the clip-ons, the latter of which HeliBar looks to offset with its CNC machined, billet aluminum clip-ons. These replacement pieces are a half-inch wider for better leverage, move the bar 1.625 inches upward, and bring the perch a half-inch closer to the rider. Best of all, they are designed to work with the stock cables and hydraulic lines. Sayonara, wrist strain! MSRP: $149.00
(800) 289-1047

The Hayabusa’s Bridgestone BT-015 M tires perform well for factory-fitted buns, but Metzler’s multi-compound Roadtec Z8 Interact is specifically designed to provide greater mileage, increased grip in the wet and reduced steering effort. Key to the rear tire’s design is its reduced silica content through the middle for added mileage, and added silica on the sides for increased grip in all conditions. Also new is the tire’s profile, which is intended to optimize the tire footprint and improve handling traits. MSRP: $N/A

The Beetle Bags are another sport-touring-oriented product from Corbin, are constructed from the company’s Fibertech material, and are designed to provide 23.3 liters of storage! Aside from the added storage space, Corbin says that the biggest benefit of its Beetle Bag system is the Gen II-emulated looks, which make the bags look factory-fitted and allow them to carry the weight closer to the bike’s centerline. MSRP: $1583
(800) 538-7035

Zero Gravity’s Sport Touring Windscreen for the Suzuki Hayabusa is one of three screens that the company currently offers for the venerable ‘Busa, and it’s intended to direct wind away from the rider in a more efficient manner than the stock screen. More important is that the screen is built from high-grade acrylic plastic to be durable and that it’s manufactured using a vacuumforming method that enables it to be distortion-free. MSRP: $99.95
(805) 388-8803


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