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  • Some action-packed covers from ’98

    From explosions, battles, and all-out wars between sportbikes, the Sport Rider covers of 1998 promised some exciting motorcycle coverage.
  • Borgo Panigale’s newest superbike is already winning the hearts and minds of sportbike purists and wealthy enthusiasts alike

    Will the Panigale V4 go down in history as the greatest superbike that Ducati—or any manufacturer—has ever produced?
  • A glimpse of what was running in the ultimate high-performance motorcycle magazine

    The possibilities of what could go on the covers of Sport Rider was virtually endless, but these are the photos that made the cut in 1997.
  • yamaha teaser

    A new Ducati Supermono, a fuel-injected KTM stroker, a high-revving 400cc V-4 Honda, and other motorcycles to make the sportbiker swoon

    The coolest sportbikes that don’t exist. If they build them, would you buy them?

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