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  • 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

    Racing legend Eddie Lawson helps unveil Kawasaki’s latest retro ride: the 2018 Z900RS Cafe

    Kawasaki invites journalists along with four-time national and 500cc GP champ Eddie Lawson to see and touch its latest retro ride: the 2018 Z900RS Cafe.
  • Look out for top riders at new teams and old rivalries rekindled

    Since 1929, roadracing fans have gathered at The Triangle for tight racing and a foreshadowing of the Isle of Man TT fortnight.
  • Kawasaki formally announces the addition of a limited-edition café racer-styled Z900RS to its 2018 US model lineup

    Kawasaki adds another retro-themed Z bike to its 2018 model lineup. We dive into some of the nuances and specifications of Z900 Cafe in this First Look article.
  • If Márquez’s domination at Jerez got you down, just remember there’s no domination like Agostini domination

    Fifty years ago, Giacomo Agostini won his first double championship. What do you think of that, Marc Márquez?

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