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Courtesy of Dainese

Is It Time To Hit The Motorcycle Reset Button?

Here are five new products to keep you and your bike safe and looking sharp

Sometimes life can get a little stale. The 24-hour, seven-days-a-week grind never changes, co-workers’ faces look identical, vibrant colors gray with time. Motorcycling can mirror life—same bike, same roads, same route home. What you need is a two-wheel reset, something to replace the mundane with the eager anticipation you felt when you first cracked open the throttle and dropped the clutch. Here are five new products to help put the buzz back in your bike life.

HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper: $169.99

HJC CS-R3 Stormtrooper

HJC’s Stormtrooper graphic on the full-face CS-R3 helmet replicates a white Star Wars combat helmet, with blue stripes mimicking air-supply hoses.

Courtesy of HJC

Shopping for a new helmet? Ride in intergalactic formation on your favorite road with a Stormtrooper CS-R3. This Star Wars trilogy-inspired graphic is applied to HJC’s lightweight DOT-certified full-face lid. A Darth Vader graphic is available on the DOT/ECE-spec RPHA 90 ($699.99), a brand-new flip-up modular model.

Dainese Prima72 Perforated Jacket: $629.95

Dainese Prima72

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets: The Dainese Prima72 has one inner pocket, four outer pockets, and a pocket for a back protector.

Courtesy of Dainese

The leather Dainese Prima72 looks as sleek and smart worn casually off the bike as it does on your commute or weekend romp. Chest pockets conceal perforated inserts, and a high-tech liner helps ventilate effectively in even the hottest weather. Removable Pro-Armor soft shoulder and elbow protectors are certified to EN 1621.1 standards.

ABUS Bordo Alarm Lock: $169.99

ABUS Bordo Alarm Lock

When completely unfolded, the German-designed and -manufactured Bordo Alarm stretches to more than 35 inches in length.

Courtesy of ABUS

ABUS has a nearly century-long history as a world leader in padlocks and other security devices. The German-born company’s latest bicycle/motorcycle protection, the Bordo Alarm, is said to be the first alarmed folding bike lock. Jerk it around and the 3-D-movement sensor activates a 100-decibel alarm, sending would-be thieves scurrying.

Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Duo Kit: $26.99

Muc-Off Motorcycle Care Duo Kit

Muc-Off’s Motorcycle Care Duo Kit offers a powerful 1-2 punch, teaming up to first clean and then protect your machine.

Courtesy of Muc-Off

The Motorcycle Care Duo Kit covers stages one and two in the Muc-Off motorcycle maintenance system: clean and protect. Biodegradable Nano Tech spray cleaner cuts through dirt, grease, and road grime quickly without harsh chemicals that could damage your bike’s finish. Motorcycle Protectant eliminates moisture, putting a stop to corrosion.

One Pass Mini Gelblade: $14.95

One Pass Mini Gelblade

The One Pass Mini Gelblade makes short work of big jobs, including drying all types of motorcycles, especially fully faired sportbikes.

Courtesy of One Pass

One smooth pass of a 9-inch Mini Gelblade whisks away 90 percent of a post-wash rinse from gas tanks, windscreens, and body panels, leaving behind a clean, dry surface. Said to be faster and more sanitary than a traditional chamois or towel, the flexible silicone blade resists mold growth and withstands extreme cold and heat.


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