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Sportbike Suspension Guide

A starting page for suspension-related stories and information

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Suspension Setup Guide

We take a look at setup routines and how you can dial in your bike's suspension.

Suspension Settings

Find the Sport Rider recommended settings for your bike.

Suspension Tuning Guide

A complete guide to setting up your sportbike's suspension, including all the terms, technology and troubleshooting

Introduction Get started on your setup
Section 1: Learning the Lingo A primer on suspension-speak
Section 2: Handling Are you represented in this rogue's gallery?
Section 3: Street, Track or Strip Get the hot setup for your chosen venue
Section 4: Suspension TroubleShooting Understand and cure those boings and wobbles

Race Tech's Paul Thede writes a series of articles about suspension:

Cartridge forks
Damping rod forks and the Race Tech Gold Valve emulator
Suspension springs and how to set sag
Spring rate and preload
Suspension overview: Back to basics
Rebound damping
High-speed vs. low-speed damping
Suspension hardware terms

Additional articles

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Yamaha YZF - R6 - Suspension Sampler: Testing fork and shock modifications with GP Suspension at Willow Springs
Race Tech Suspension - SR Tested: Suspension for Suzuki GSX-R600
The Long And Short Of It: Lowering Your Bike Safely
Honda Unit Pro-Link: How the Honda CBR600RR and CBR1000RR rear suspension works
Fun With Geometry: How your bike handles depends considerably on front-end geometry. Here's how to change it
More Fun With Geometry: Using swingarm angle, chain pull and antisquat to maximize traction
Ride Height Adjustment: How to raise or lower your front end


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